FMFB: Most memorable experience as an Thespian/Performer.

HS: …performing at the Seoul National Theater in the drumming show, which was my initiation into theater…  There was a vignette in which I played the Tae Buk (like Japanese Taiko) , which means great drum … I had the honor of opening the piece.  The sound is called thunder sound and it feels like you are cracking open the sky.

FMFB: I know you enjoy live music. As a matter of fact, we met at an original live music show @  CineMartSpace in The Village.  Tell us about the styles of music you enjoy and give us the top three songs you are listening to as of late.

HS: I love all music genres…  The top three songs, right now, are: “The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin, “Spiegel Im Speigel” by Arvo Part and “Baia” by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd.

FMFB: You are into Yoga and Martial Arts.  Have both disciplines helped you with acting and how so?

HS: … They have taught me about the edge where will becomes surrender and vice versa, which is a vibration in transformative human moments.  Also, stillness…

FMFB: You paint quite a striking picture, in other words you are a beautiful woman that has this alluring quality not just because of your natural beauty but because there is this aura of approachable easiness, yet there is this edge, kind of  “proceed at your own risk” type thing. One can tell there is always grey matter at work and you exude confidence, have you always been a confident person or is this something you developed as you found yourself as a creative being, Hwalan as artist?

HS: … I suppose I know the will to push through something hard resides inside me…  And I may have good posture because of martial arts, ha ha.  But there’s a difference between will, good posture and confidence.  A dance teacher once defined confidence as the result of hard work, not talent…

FMFB: Your thoughts on intellect being a curse and a blessing within the creative sphere.

HS: All that I have been drawn too, initially visual art, then yoga, martial arts and acting, has been an attempt to get out of my head.  Nonetheless, when something clicks, there is that lovely bit of realization that can be a guide in future work…

FMFB: Filmmaker or director you will like to work with and why?

HS: Kim Ki-Duk.  His work is both horrifying and touches the grace of nature.  There’s a full range of what it is to be human…

FMFB: Favorite Fashion Designer and why.

HS: I don’t have a favorite fashion designer.  I like design that’s simple, elegant, classic and is both old-school/modern.