Hwalan was found on a road in Korea and adopted by a Jewish intellectual hippie couple living in upstate New York.  What resides beyond identity, what rests in the center of our being, what unifies us, is a lifelong mission.  Hwalan’s work navigates how the sacred is achieved through a transmutation of, rather than in contradiction to, the deeply human.  Hwalan’s focus is transforming personal suffering into compassion for others on a global level.  The dialogue between seemingly opposing forces, ultimately leading to greater dynamic harmony and oneness on all levels, is at the heart of her work. Hwalan is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Columbia.  She is the recipient of a Hans Hessel Award from the National Arts Club.  Art and performance venues include Lincoln Center, Guggenheim, BAM, The Philadelphia Museum, Armory, Hyundai Gallery, The Blacklist (TV), Horace & Pete (TV).  Hwalan is the creator of Kung Fu Yoga® unifying the yoga and martial art principals of peace and power as a map towards wholeness.