“I just had a phone call from a Viet Nam vet who saw our performance today. He told me, in ten different ways, it was shocking. Then he thanked me ten different ways.

He said ours is just the message the public needs to see and hear and vets need to be reminded of. He was a medevac crewman. He describes his tour of duty of being ankle deep in blood for 12 months. He wore his hat the whole time today. What’s beneath it is a bulls eye tattooed on the back of his head. Lots of vets have them, even if they are invisible. When he says thanks, he says thanks for millions of vets.”

Several different voices with regular unaccented English: cranky teen, yuppy health nut, authoritative acting teacher, aspiring acting student, snarky friend, upbeat friend.  As well as one business woman with a “slight asian accent” from Beijing.

One professional.  One business woman with a “slight Asian accent” from Beijing.