Site specific environment set in a mansion in the Bronx. This is a cross over between theater and video installation, based on Mourning Becomes Electra, by Eugene O’Neill.  

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I created a stone garden out of the limestone specific to the region of Ballyvaughn, Ireland. Then I set fire to the stones.


I wanted to play with the tension between lightness and heaviness.  I weighed down bands of illuminated translucent fabric with grains indigenous to Korea, where this installation was created.


I bifurcated a room at a diagonal as a way of exploring a split in the psyche.  On the other half, floating in mid space, is a ghost frame of a han bok (traditional Korean dress) on a swing.  The skeleton was made out of steel and covered in translucent fabric.  I wove seaweed into the dyed black burlap bags which split the room.  And I poured red light through the ghost han bok on a swing into the second half of the room, where the experiencer stood.  The room smelled of seaweed, burlap and, perhaps, the sand which was poured on the floor.  The effect was intentionally disorienting as the architecture was atypical and you couldn’t quite make out what you were looking at through the treated fabric.



This was my first unwitting foray into performance art – which ultimately led to acting.  After having explored space in sculpture, I was very captivated with space itself.  And I just needed to enter the space and see what would happen.  In this work, I played with the oft used relationship between light, shadow and distance as I explored movement to poems I’d written.




There were a series of vandalisms up in Harlem where Columbia had the art studios. One involved broken bus stop glass. I collected the shards and created walls of glass with clear packing tape, suspended by a steel armature.




Me beside the sculpture in a different configuration.



First figure in oil as a sophomore.


Self portrait as a freshman.


I went to the community center and took their free figure drawing classes.